Labros Filippou is a Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary artist, born in Karditsa, Greece.

The realization of creating came late. His connection with art, however, was a familiar feeling that traced back to all his earlier years, growing up in a small village and being inspired by raw tradition, folk culture, and real people.

During his time in the States, the core focus has been the foundation of LFacting, getting deeper and building an even more wide-range repertoire as an actor, and his music projects YIANNEIS, WORLD DOG, and IAVVV, as well as new collaborations that started blossoming with musicians from the underground, avant-garde, pop and electronic music scene.

Surrounded by outstanding musicians, in May 2018 he is launching a new hybrid music Project called The Peasant, which is going to be his debut in the U.S. as a singer and on stage performer. The first show takes place at the legendary Roxy Theatre. “Countertenor operatic vocals meet the most instinctive side of human nature, the one that looks more like an animal than a civilized person.”

Right before that, around late 2017, he went on stage with a few top quality electronic musicians and he put some freestyle narrative, speaking poems and singing some out of this world vocals, introducing the project Voukefalas, based on Labros’ poetry and named out of his nickname as a poet. The even took place in Athens, GR and the next steps will find them releasing tracks, sooner than soon.

His most recent cinema project, is Element, a short film he co-wrote and co-directed. World Dog was the music that inspired the creation of the film and Stelios Faitakis‘ art work was the final piece that completed the project.

As a singer / countertenor,

(2009) Labros created “YIANNEIS“, a neo-psychedelia, avant-garde music project, where he is the lead singer and concept director. Notable moments in YIANNEIS’ creative path includes opening for David Lynch’s music project and his muse Chrysta Bell. The second album of YIANNEIS is going to be released in the spring of 2018.

(2015) Labros Filippou co-founded “WORLD DOG“, an amalgam of Baroque opera and Greek folk music, that sounds like drum n’ bass, jazz, psychedelia, drone. Only a few days after their debut concert, they were asked to be the opening act for Yasmine Hamdan, best known from Jim Jarmusch’s film “Only Lovers Left Alive”. The first album of WORLD DOG will be released in the fall of 2018.

(2016) Labros Filippou’s first solo album, IAVVV, came as the perfect storm. Extraordinary musicians gathered to create a cinematic, post-dramatic, noise rock, spoken word musical concoction, with a unique character and an original voice.

Collaborations include:

(2010) Working with Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons), for “Alismono“.

(2013) Working with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch for Daphnis Kokkinos’ solo ”ADDIO, ADDIO AMORE”, where he composed and sang part of the music.


In 2008 he was given the “Best Performer” award at the Hellenic National Musical Performance Festival.

As an actor,

He participated in films such as INTERRUPTION (72nd Venice Film Festival) and Casus Belli (67th Venice Film Festival) both directed by Y. Zois, J.A.C.E., dir. M. Karamagiolis, True Blue, dir. Y. Diamantopoulos etc. He also starred in tv series and took part in several theatrical performances as an actor, performer and countertenor such as “Akropolis Reconstruction”, “Who is mr. Kelerman?”, “Dying as a country” (European Tour), “2004 a year after”, all directed by M. Marmarinos,  ”Pagliacci” (Herodium Ancient Theater, 2004) directed by Franco Zeffirelli.

As a director in theater,

In the summer of 2013, he directed the performance “Anthem to Liberty” based on D. Solomos’ “Hymn to Liberty”, at Athens & Epidaurus Festival. The critics wrote “Sex-Violence-Guts with the accompaniment of music!” or “The nationalistic fervor drifts, Some of the viewers take part in the violence: The nationalistic hysteria lures them, the National Anthem becomes the means for imposing fascist mentality.” or even “Denunciation of fascism and nationalist exploitation of the nation became clear using quite simple means. The persona of L. Filippou during the musical part of the performance also brings to mind “The Wall” of Pink Floyd, which functioned as a clear explanatory intertextual reference.”

As a teacher,

Labros Filippou’s soft spot lies with teaching. Since 2009 he has continued to give seminars to actors, directors, performers, musicians, singers, and other professionals who implement their artistic and oratory craft via their voice, body, and the spoken world. He founded LFacting in Los Angeles, in 2014.

Throughout his career,

Labros has given concerts, speeches, seminars and performances for universities, philanthropic organizations, and schools for children with special needs and is always open to new collaborations with organizations and groups of people for whom the vision of free expression in life and on stage is a way of living.