More Words

  • Like a brick
    24 June 2017

    What’s that noise coming from the other room?
    Who’s there behind that door?
    What’s the matter?

    Is it a lion roaring?
    Is it a mother screaming?
    Is it a father raging?
    Is it a boy becoming a man?
    No, it’s a girl becoming a woman.

    I met a woman once, who never was a girl.
    She said she lost her childhood when thunder brought the rain.
    The rain that drowned her poems
    The rain that wrecked her dreams
    The rain that took her prince away and turned him into a brick.

    “Oh, brick, pretty brick.
    Rain, bring me my prince back!
    I promise to take care of him, to never let him down.
    I’ll be the other half of him.
    He’ll be my world to come“

    The prince heard and refused to come.
    He’d rather be a brick.
    His heart was broken once before.
    He’s empty.


  • A Little man
    17 May 2016

    Once upon a time, there was a man, a little man, that walked amidst dirt and
    mud. Little as he was, he often fell in the dirt and the mud. His small feet got
    stuck there in the mud and he couldn’t go on his road.
    He laughed. Every time the mud engulfed him and the dirt made him filthy, he laughed.
    He would turn his face towards the sky and laugh. His face illuminated.
    He was a very small man. The smallest man you have ever seen.

    He never grew up.  He had his little hands and his little feet• that’s why he got stuck in the mud.
    And peeling himself out, he laughed. He always looked up and laughed.
    And he would greet everyone. Wherever he passed through, he greeted everyone.
    Well, this little man knew where there was the light. And he also showed it to me.
    He knew• this little person, he knew where there was the light. I am deeply thankful to this person, this small man. Yes, the smallest person you have ever seen. He showed me the light.-A poem by Voukefalas


  • I’m Batman
    27 Jun 2015

    (a silent performance)

    A man that stands for a moment gasping for air.

    I can’t breathe.
    But, but I can….. hide!
    What do you think about that?
    I am Batman!
    I drink people’s blood.
    I live in caves and I sleep with my head hanging upside down.
    No, I’m a liar!
    I speak to tell lies.
    I mean the least of what I say.
    Look into my eyes. There is nothing!
    Yet, I need you to trust me.
    I have come to become your shepherd. I tell good stories.
    I tell the best stories you’ve ever heard.
    Come, it’s time to sleep.
    Once upon a time, there was a shepherd. His name was,!
    No, no, NO! I’m JOKER!
    I killed Batman a long time ago.
    I buried him a great good deal under my childhood bed.
    But they have never told you that.
    They never tell you the truth.-

    He bursts out with laughter.
    Then he weeps.
    He laughs again.
    He stops.
    He doesn’t do anything.
    He farts and the piece is over.

  • A prayer –World Dog poem
    15 Nov 2014

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
    My soul got shallow and I have spinned*
    Into this world,
    I lost my mind
    I lost my faith
    I lost my temper
    I got angry
    I got anxious
    I’m an anxious man.

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
    “Deaf I was born,
    Mute I become”

    I lost my wisdom.
    I got sad. I am sad.
    Oh God!

    My faith has broken
    My voice has sunk

    I wish one day
    I lose my sight
    I won’t see happiness
    And people’s gods

    I wish one a day
    I cannot hear People’s prayers.
    So I’ll make mine

    My prayer will be false
    My hymn will be wrong
    My music will be wrongI will be wrong
    It will all be wrong
    Human as I am,
    I will be wrong.

    Is the world doing something wrong?
    Or have I been born by mistake?
    Then, it shouldn’t be my fault.
    My mother is the sinner.

    Forgive her father, for she has sinned.

    Save me. Now, save me.-
    Take my mother, father.



  • Louitzi
    20 Aug 2014 – IAVVV

    Where are you Louitzi ?! Where are you??
    Love is the remedy Louitzi. Remedy for your soul. The soul Louitzi.
    Like the Indians say Louitzi: “The soul would have no rainbow, if the eyes had no tears.”
    You’re young Louitzi. You’re young.
    You know nothing. That’s good Louitzi. That’s a good thing.
    Love Louitzi. Love will find you.
    “Love will tear us apart”
    Have you told your mother Louitzi?
    Does your mother know you need love Louitzi?
    Whisper! Tell me your fears louitzi. What are you afraid of sweet child? Are you afraid Louitzi? Whisper whisper whisper!
    What are hiding now Loutzi? Speak child. For The Lord’s shake!
    What is your fear today Louitzi?
    So, you are afraid to lose Louitzi. You are a common child. Common children are the best Louitzi.
    Rejection is a true feeling Louitzi.
    Everybody feels it.
    “Cause everybody hurts. Sometimes”
    You have to accept the truth Louitzi. The truth above us.
    Thanks for the inspiration Louitzi.


  • The chef
    15 May 2014

    I don’t wanna be anybody’s chief.
    I wanna be your friend and you inspiring leader ..not in front of you, but with you.-
    you give me onion and tomato, i give you back ..a nice refreshing salad all included.
    you give me onion, i give back anything with onion
    you give me nothing, ..
    .. i feed you whatever I want. and you will eat it ..people have to eat.


  • 26 Febr 2013 – YIANNEIS

    weirdthoughts provokemyeyestosee morethaneverexpected. Weariness.-